Where do you poetry?

I poetry at the desk
I poetry in my bed
I poetry online
and I poetry in my head

GAM 20
Dual Natures

Stay in Bed

Lay down
stay in bed
there's nothing to do
nothing waits ahead
pull the sheets up
up over your head
lay back down
stay in bed

Wake Up

Wake up
seize the day
you've got thoughts to think
and things to say
let the sun in
take time to pray
and help someone
along the way

GAM 20
The Poem

I wanted to write
a poem
but no words would come
just ho and hum
and um

GAM 20

I'm not good with rules
written plans
task to do
it's a problem
at work
I might go berserk
still guidance is good
try to follow
I should

GAM 20

Feeling abandoned
in the guest bedroom you sleep
I'm alone writing poems

GAM 20
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