Dad's Rage

My dad flew into a rage
I was very young
seven or ten
I cant remember which age

He grabbed my bare ankles
and I hung upside down
flailing and writhing
a foot from the ground

He was yelling and swearing
and I suppose I was too
You're another Mary Holmes
the mother I never knew

When it was over
the feelings were packed away
in a suitcase not meant to open
nothing more was left to say

GAM 20
The Poem

I wanted to write
a poem
but no words would come
just ho and hum
and um

GAM 20
Ringing in the ears

What's that I hear
ringing in the ears
a maddening sound
an audible hum

ring, ring, ring
tick, tick, tick

a sign of old age
a time of decline
time to sign out
a war, a rage

air from a balloon
a song, a tune
dancing inside my head
I may as well be dead

but you know what I've found
I didn't die
go mad
or drown

so ring away ears
you've become quite small
not really noticed
and not unwelcome at all

ring, ring, ring
ring, ring

GAM 20
The Journey

Turn the key
slightly open the door
to something new
not known before

Plant the seed
and feel it grow
sometimes quick
and sometimes slow

Do the work
don't try to speed
learn to follow
your Creator's lead

As you begin
or begin again
a new adventure
without an end

GAM 20
Dual Natures

Stay in Bed

Lay down
stay in bed
there's nothing to do
nothing waits ahead
pull the sheets up
up over your head
lay back down
stay in bed

Wake Up

Wake up
seize the day
you've got thoughts to think
and things to say
let the sun in
take time to pray
and help someone
along the way

GAM 20
The Whip

The whip emerges
from his bare ass
framed by leather
boots, vest
and laced back chaps

a leg propped on a chair
draped in white
the whip points it's finger
it's way toward your sight

direct and revealing
darkness and light
exposing secrets
on a palette
of gray, black and white

a provocative gaze
a daring play
a challenge to look
and not look away

GAM 20
Be Gay Pride

Who is gay pride
It’s you
and it’s me
It’s the pioneers
who got us here
It’s gay history

It’s the past remembered
your colleague
your mate
It’s your doctor
the pro athlete
the presidential candidate

What is gay pride
It’s a feeling inside
and not having to hide

It’s who you are today
It’s knowing
or not knowing
and either is okay

Where is gay pride
is it a place
to be free
or a place
still in hiding
a promise
yet to be

When is gay pride
is it now
was it then
a hope for the future
a protest
never again

Why gay pride
it’s a chance
to be free
to live a life
of peace
to dream dreams
yet to be

Be gay pride
be a rainbow
be a star
aspire to inspire
and be proud
of who you are

GAM 20
A Visit

Turn the knob
No need to knock
Inside familiar
But still a shock

Piles and boxes
Greet the door
Where once was space
Exists no more

Squeeze inside
And find a path
Step over, sideways
This and that

There’s lots of dust
Don't try to breathe
All this stuff
Will make you sneeze

Three in a row
Now that’s good luck
Keep moving forward
Climb and duck

Go back
You're stuck
Weave in and out
Hold still, don’t move
Hello you shout

Amid the mess
Once a living room
A mattress rests
A centerpiece
Inside the tomb

Stack on stack
Box on box
Storage containers
Stuff on stuff

There’s little light
The TV drones
Don’t knock things over
Don’t piss and moan

Find a sort of seat
And have a chat
A hug, a kiss
Don’t scold or nag

A box of worry
A bag of fear
A case of anger
It’s all in here

You take a bag
Of stuff to go
Energy drained
And feeling low

I'll see you soon
A hug goodbye
You climb outside
To breathe and sigh

GAM 20
What ties me down

What ties me down
is it my feet
on the ground
heavy like lead
or a net on my head

What ties me down
is it a noose
on my neck
or ropes on my wrist
is it dreams
that don't come true
or a strike
from a fist

What ties me down
Is it roots from a tree
Who planted me here
full of doubt
full of fear

What ties me down
with a voice
that can't shout
with wings
without flight
too tired
to move
can't figure it out

What ties me down
am I locked in a room
is it birth
is it death
encased in a tomb

What ties me down
is it him
is it her
a voice in my head
a wish
you never were

What ties me down
how can I break free
from this cocoon
is it night
I can't see
or too bright a moon

What ties me down
can't move
just one inch
to the left
or the right
one foot forward
pulled back
should I give up
the fight

What ties me down
should I scheme
should I plot
should I ask for help
to loosen
the knot

What ties me down
like a fish
that's been caught
just breathe
just pray
the thought

What ties me down
it's gone
let it be
I gave it to god
I can move
I am free

GAM  20

I'm not good with rules
written plans
task to do
it's a problem 
at work
I might go berserk
still guidance is good
try to follow 
I should

GAM 20
The Worry Line

One deep
darting from my brow
a gash of worry
who what where when
and how

pat pat pat
it doesn't go away
one deep wrinkle
here to stay

my grandmother
had one
just above her lip
she hated that
etched line
she once let slip

now with my own
I know how she felt
worry worry worry
the hand
I was dealt

now that I'm older
a half century
plus ten
I would worry less often
if I could just
begin again

GAM 20

I see
dead chicken
you see
hopes and dreams
I’ll grab hold
one side
of dried up bone
for you
make a wisha thought 
a hope 
a wish
your dream
comes true

GAM 20


Feeling abandoned
in the guest bedroom you sleep
I'm alone writing poems

GAM 20
The Break Up

I broke up 
with you
It wasn't easy 
to do

you were 
my only respite
to get through 
the night

a struggle 
no longer 

the fun 
we once shared
now kept me 

like a river
you roared
to be ignored

dear god
I would pray
to keep you 

with blinders 
in place
I stopped seeing 
your face

new friends helped 
each day
one showed me 
the way
he left you
and stayed

a needed change 
to be made
I surrendered 
and prayed

I broke up with you
it's over
we're through

it works
you can too
my life begins

GAM 20
Where do you poetry?

I poetry at the desk
I poetry in my bed
I poetry online
and I poetry in my head

GAM 20
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